Monday, May 23, 2011

Best Walking Shoes for Disneyland

For the last 3 years, I've been searching for the perfect walking shoes for Disneyland.  I've tried different types of tennis shoes, flat shoes, and even flip flops.  But they've all left my knees and toes aching at the end of the day.  Not to mention the occassional blister.

I'm pleased to say that I've FINALLY found the PERFECT pair: Skechers Shape-ups.

I happened to be at the mall one day shopping for last-minute Disneyland items and decided to try on a pair just for kicks.  I'll admit that when these shoes first came into market, I was extremely skeptical.  These shoes are marketed as being "Designed to help maximize calorie burn, firm buttocks, and improve posture".  Uh huh.  Sure they do.

The second I stood up and started walking, I felt like I was walking on clouds!  My feet felt so light and it was actually fun to walk!  I still wasn't sold on the whole "firming my buttocks" pitch but I was totally into the way they made me feel.  So $89 later, I bought them.

As I went onto my 4-day trip to Disneyland earlier this month, I was so excited to try these as my "park shoes".  4 days later, not one single ounce of pain in my toes, ankles, feet, legs or back!  And absolutely no blisters!  I felt in great shape!  Not only were they great to walk in, but even running after my 2 year old in the park was not a problem!

The next time you're at the mall or pass by a Skechers store I recommend at least trying them on.  And who knows about the whole "firm buttocks" thing.  Maybe in 6 months my butt will look like my pre-baby self!  One can only dream... ;-)

Disclaimer: This review was written based on my own experience with the Skechers Shape-ups shoes.  I was not contacted by the company or asked to write about the product by anyone. 


  1. I discovered the joys of shape-ups about a year ago. I feel exactly the same as you! My knees used to ached for days after a trip to the park and now there is no pain. I wear them for long shifts at work...they are incredible!

  2. I loved your sketchers post, I will try them because I have similar complaints when walking around WDW. My feet are killing me by the 3rd day, burning sometimes.
    I am now following your blog -
    stop by mine-thanks

  3. @Jill - I wish I could wear them at work all day! I'm stuck in slacks and heels for the most part. :-(

    @Diane - I hope you will like the shoes! I'll ditto Jill and say they are incredible! Thank you for visiting and following! I'm now following your blog. :-)

  4. Could you possibly share the style of shape up these are> I see several different styles. I am very interested in finding these.

  5. Nice walking shoes, I really want to buy one pair of these shoes for my daughter. She will love them but I am not sure about the color.

  6. I want to take my son to Disneyland, and he wants to get new walking shoes.

  7. I was thinking about taking my girlfriend to Disneyland. She could also use a pair of new shoes!

  8. I'm looking for walking shoes.Can anyone recommend a good walking shoes?

  9. Which brand is good walking shoes? Skechers right?

  10. Exactly! Skechers is one of the best brand for walking shoes.


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