Friday, September 9, 2011

Bay Area Disney Discoveries: Pixar Animation Studios

Another great Bay Area Disney Discovery is the Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, CA. 

The studios actually originated in Richmond, CA which a little north of Emeryville.  Once they started to grow, they needed a bigger campus and moved to Emeryville.

I consider myself lucky to drive by the studios every day.  And every time I drive by I say to myself, "I will work there one day.  I will work there one day.  I will work there one day." 

Working in Emeryville, a lot of Pixar employees are at the lunch spots I frequent.  I haven't seen John Lassetor yet around town, but I always keep my eye out.  And if I do run out to him, I will throw myself to the ground and beg for a job!  Ok, so I won't really throw myself to the ground (how unprofessional!) but I would try to talk my way into a job or at least a studio tour!

Peeking through the fence, you can see a large Pixar ball which has been seen in many Pixar movies. 

For a better view of the ball and a large Luxo Jr. lamp, check out this photo at Wikipedia:

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