Thursday, October 6, 2011

How to get an Annual Pass for life

Years ago when my husband and I got engaged, we went ring shopping.  After I picked my engagement and wedding rings, I asked him if I could get a 3rd ring to wrap around my engagement ring on our 5th wedding anniversary.  He said that he would get a matching wedding band to match so there would be two matching bands around my engagement ring. 

Over the years, I reminded him of the 3rd ring and he kept agreeing that was fine.  Well, fast forward 5 years and here we are with no ring!  He has "forgotten" that he ever agreed to this! 

So I cooked up a deal to make up for his sudden memory loss. 

If he purchased a Disneyland Annual Pass for me for 5 years, it'll make up for the ring.  I told him the purchase of 5 years worth of passes would be cheaper than buying a ring (probably not, but what does he know!) and that he should consider.  After some going back and forth, he agreed!  And to ensure he didn't forget, I made him sign a contract (on Disney paper no less!).

Ok, so that got me 5 years worth of passes.  I know you're wondering how I managed to get a lifetime's worth? 

During my first year of being an Annual Passholder, I got one for my husband and we made 4 trips together.  That was way too much for him and needless to say he was Grumpy.  I blame the fact that it was too many "it's a small world" rides and not a lot of Space Mountain since it was mainly just us going to the parks.  Anyways, we made another deal that I would only request his Disneyland attendance for no more than 2 times a year.  Done deal!!

So if you're spouse or significant other tries to bail out of a commitment, try getting them to make up for their screw up by getting you a lifetime pass!  Keep trying until you succeed!  :-)


  1. Good job, PT. I'm not ready to try and make a deal for 5 years of annual passes (too far from the Mouse), but I have been working diligently on getting a trip planned for the near future. Nothing yet...but I'm wearing him down. ;o)

  2. That is a great story P.T. I will try it. Getting the Annual Pass I mean, I would love the ring too

  3. haha, thanks! I still kind of want the ring, but I think the pass is a pretty good deal. :-)

  4. I don't know why I keep forgetting to come to your blog when we make a trip to Disney. So, I've been going through your archive and found this. Thought it was so funny and not surprised you made that deal. You go girl! Now I need to figure out a way to make the same kind of deal & have E buy the whole family an annual pass, even if it's just for a year. I do miss those days when we used to drive to Disney :)

  5. @Alma...LOL!! I hope you're successful in getting E to get the passes! I miss those trips too...good memories!!


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