Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Best Disney Value: Penny Souvenirs!

Welcome to the first stop aboard Magical Blogorail Peach. Enjoy the ride as we share where we think you can find the best value at a Disney park.

This month's topic is "Where can you find the best Disney values?"  Value can come in many forms from best hotel deals, shows, food, etc.  I'm going to focus on park souvenirs and getting the best value from your coins.

I'm sure most parents are used to their kids asking for souvenirs at the park or asking for things in general.  One of the best souvenirs that doesn't cost a lot are the Penny Press souvenirs.  All it takes is two quarters and one penny.  In select locations, some offer dime and quarter presses that require a few more coins.

There are many, many Penny Press machines throughout Disneyland.  Each machine has three designs to choose from and they're typically themed to the land that the machine is in.  For example, if you're in Frontierland, you can find Penny Press machines of Mickey and friends in western attire.  Or if you're in Tomorrowland, you can find Buzz Lightyear and the aliens.

Putting her coins in the slot...good for fine motor skills!

Selecting her design...in most cases she gets to choose all three!

My daughter's been pretty good about not asking for souvenirs at the park but once I introduced her the Penny Press machine, that was all over.  The second she sees one, she HAS to get one.  And that's ok with me because it only takes coins and doesn't show up on my credit card bill.  

I bought her a book to hold all her coins and she loves holding it and looking at all the coins she's collected.  

Placing her coins in her book

Another fine motor skill...sliding the coins into the holders
If you visit City Hall or ask a Cast Member in a store, they'll give you a list of all the Penny Press locations.  It's fun to go find them throughout the park.  I recently stumbled upon Nemo and friends in the Tomorrowland Starcade.  That'll be a good one for my daughter's collection since she LOVES Nemo!  If you have older kids, you can make a game out of it to see how many machines they can find throughout the day.

There are a few machines that have a unique presentation.  Instead of the standard rectangle shape of window, they are themed after their location.  Take these for example...

In Adventureland inside the Adventure Bazaar, you'll find this elephant statue that has four different machines linked together.  When you insert your coins, the elephant actually raises his front feet to "smash" the penny.

At the end of the Splash Mountain exit, you'll bump into this unique machine.  Inside is a miniature Splash Mountain!  Once the penny has been smashed, it slides down the water fall.

Thank you for joining me today. Your next stop on the Magical Blogorail Loop is Disney in our Blood.

Here is the map of our Magical Blogorail should you happen to have to make a stop along the way and want to reboard:

1st Stop ~ 400 Miles to Disneyland


  1. My niece had a TON of fun collecting pennies on our multiple trips to WDW! Her mom made coin carriers out of the M&M Minis tubes. She printed a cute label & then stacked 2 quarters & one penny in layers, so it would be easy to grab when she saw a cool penny machine. Since my niece carried a mini-backpack, she carried her own change too. She reorganized those pennies in her book for months after!

  2. PT that is so cool, I love the elephant smashing his foot down and the Splash MT. one too. We always do them at WDW, the kids love it and we are on our 2nd bk too..

  3. I love the unique ones, those are so cool! I used to collect pressed pennies from everywhere when I was younger (my favorites, besides the Disneyland ones, are from Monterey, CA), but haven't done that in a long time. I think I may have to start up again with my daughter on our next trip. Thanks for sharing those cool photos!

  4. Very cool post! I have so many memories of my brother hounding my parents for change every time he saw a machine! I could be wrong, but I feel like on our last trip to Walt Disney World, we came across a few "pressed quarters" machines! What's next? LOL

  5. My kids love the penny press machines and I agree with you, I don't mind getting them several because it is just a matter of coins! We do need to get the book because right now, ours are sitting in my son's drawer in a ziploc bag! :-)

  6. You are so right- this is a fun, adventurous and inexpensive "hobby in the Parks". My kids still treasure their penny albums...

  7. goddessofmath...What a GREAT idea! I usually have the coin book in the stroller under our stuff so the tube would be perfect for her backpack.

    Diane...Wow, a 2nd book! That's a lotttt of pennies!

    Christina...Yes, you have to get your daughter into it. She'll totally love it!

    Rosanne...We have a few quarters but I limit my daughter to one quarter smash per machine because if you had up three of them per machine it starts to rack up!

    Beth...Thanks for stopping by! The pennies are much better alternative than toys she'll never play with again. It also takes up less storage space! :-)

    DISTherapy...That's so great! I wish I had done penny presses when I was a kid. I'm glad I introduced my daughter to them.

  8. Great post! Before our last trip we saved up quarters and pennies, and put them in an M&M tube (decorated w/Disney stickers, of course!) for my daughter to bring along. That way she could do the pressed penny machines any time she wanted, without bugging us for money. I agree - a very fun, affordable souvenir!!

    LOVE that Adventureland elephant ... fantastic pic!

  9. Great post! Absolutely pressed coins are best "deal" in souvenirs! My son still collects them!!

  10. LOVE the pennies! I have 3 Disney albums and 3 other albums from other travels!!


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