Friday, February 7, 2014

Alice in Wonderland Baby Room

The day that I was originally typing this post turned out to be the day I went into labor with my second daughter!  So, many apologies for the lack thereof posts!

Here are pictures from the baby's Alice in Wonderland room.  The room was originally painted pink when we bought our house, and we decided to leave it that color in the event we were able to have another child.  And what do you know, turned out we had another girl!  

To work off the pink (which is NOT my favorite color by the way) and tone it down, I went for an Alice theme which is very colorful.  I enlisted the help of my very dear (and talented) friend to paint my vision.  I wanted to have the Alice leaves from Fantasyland (and the movie).  We poked around the internet to find a few photos of the leaves and she drew them out.  After a couple of painting sessions, the room was complete!  And then I went into labor that very evening!  Good timing I guess.

For my birthday last year, my husband purchased these pieces of art from Disneyland.  I'm so in love with them!

She's got an Alice clock and of course, her first mouse ears.

And what Disney-themed room would be complete without a Hidden Mickey?

And here's a picture of my newest Mouseketeer!


  1. So precious! Glad everyone is doing good. The room is adorable!!

  2. That room is outstanding! I love the bright colors and the hidden mickey is great! Congrats on baby girl! :) She's beautiful.

  3. The room is adorable, I love the Alice Pictures. Your baby girl is so cute ;-)

  4. Congrats PT! She is beautiful. And I LOVE the nursery. It's so cool and unique.

  5. I love the room!! The hidden Mickey is a great touch, and I think it's such a fun idea! Great room, and congratulations on your daughter, she is beautiful!!


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