Wednesday, April 23, 2014

runDisney, here we come!

It's time to fulfill a bucket list item.  My daughters and I are signed up for runDisney's Avengers Super Heroes race!  It's the first for all of us and we can't be more excited!  Since I'm a newbie to the runDisney thing, I thought I'd share some helpful tips on registration and early preparation for the big day.

Registration: Wake Up Early
First off, runDisney events are VERY popular.  The Avengers race (half marathon, 5K, and kid races) opened registration on March 19 at 9:00am Pacific Time and they all sold out within the hour.  That's insane!  

Stay connected to the runDisney website and once you find out the registration date of a runDisney event, mark your calendar to register online.  I cannot stress this enough.  I was at my computer at 8:58am and refreshed my browser until the registration opened up online.  I was able to secure spots for myself and both my daughters.  When my sister-in-law tried to register herself at 9:45am, the 5K was already sold out.  So if you're planning on doing this event with friends and family, make sure they're all aware of the registration date and time and get online on time.

Registration is Somewhat Time Consuming
As I went through the process of registering three people (myself and my daughters), I had to go through the same registration flow for each person, for each race.  Since my oldest daughter is signed up for the 5K and the kid race, I had to do her registration twice.  So my recommendation is to not volunteer yourself to sign up your entire group.  Make everyone responsible for their own registration.  

The Races
The Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend includes the following races:

Half Marathon: 13.1 miles of fun.  Must be 14 years or older and have proof of time.

Super Heroes 5K: 3.1 mile family fun run.  All ages are welcome, however strollers are not permitted.

Kid Races: Broken out into the following groups:
12 months and under: Diaper Dash for crawlers
1-3 year olds: 100 Meter Dash
4-6 year olds: 200 Meter Dash
7-8 year olds: 400 Meter Dash

My oldest daughter (who will be 6 when the event happens) and I are signed up for the 5K.  She's also doing a 200 meter dash.  My youngest daughter who will be 11 months by the time this event starts, is signed up for the Diaper Dash.  I can't wait for my girls to earn their own medallions!

I learned that every runDisney event has a travel agency (not the Walt Disney Travel Company) that offers discounted Disney hotel rates and park tickets.  I'm not sure about the Walt Disney World runDisney events, but for Disneyland's GET Travel is the travel agency and they can be reached at 407-939-IRUN.  I booked my Disneyland Hotel stay through them and found them to be about 30% cheaper than booking from  They also have great discounts on park tickets, which as you may know, discounted park tickets are not common.

The Medals
Only the Half Marathon gives out medals to all runners.  The 5K and Kid Races give out medallions which made of a thick rubber.  I've seen pictures of it online and they're still pretty cute.

The Costumes
And now we get to the good part!  I searched Etsy for some Marvel running tutu's and came across Lucky Number Tutu's shop.  I ordered myself a Black Widow outfit and a Captain America outfit for my oldest daughter.  Aren't they cute?  My daughter's already wearing her tutu!  Now I just need to find something for my youngest who will be crawling in the Diaper Dash.

I just had a baby a few months ago so this is the perfect excuse to get up and start getting active again.  I've started my training lightly just by walking 1-2 miles around my neighborhood pushing the stroller.  My oldest daughter joins me too and has done really well when we walk over 2 miles.  

I use the free Nike iPhone app to track my distance and time.  It's great and averages out your mile-per-minute pace over time.  Once I'm done nursing the baby, I can start running with my oldest daughter and get her trained too.  I'm really excited to start running again.  As a former soccer player who's been in a slump for the last 11 years, it's going to be really refreshing to get running back in my life.  I just hope my knees don't die on me now that I'm in my 30's!

And there you have it!  I'll be sure to share my runDisney experience after the race.


  1. How did the run go? It's been forever since I've been able to comment. I do love your posts and miss them! Hope you are well!

    1. Hi Leah! The run was GREAT!!! Thank you SO much for visiting and commenting. It really means a lot to me. Haven't been able to post much since having baby #2. :/

      Hope you and your family are doing great!


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